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Comedian Bob Newhart, deadpan master of sitcoms and telephone monologues, dies at 94

LOS ANGELES — Bob Newhart, the deadpan accountant-turned-comedian who became one of the most popular TV  stars of his time after striking gold with a classic comedy album, has died at 94. …

US agency: Apps that let workers access paychecks before payday are providing loans

NEW YORK — The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Thursday that apps that allow workers to access their paychecks in advance , often for a fee, are providing loans and therefore subject …

After crash that killed 6 teens, NTSB chief says people underestimate marijuana's impact on drivers

DETROIT — A horrific crash that killed six high school girls in Oklahoma two years ago has the head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board urging parents to warn teenagers about the …
Keith Blair
November 10, 1950 - July 14, 2024
Arlene Lellelid
May 26, 1929 - June 25, 2024
Thomas Keck
December 20, 1943 - June 25, 2024
Roger D. Hurley
October 18, 1940 - June 30, 2024
Dennis VanDam
August 4, 1949 - June 19, 2024

South Dakota State's Ness School to offer accounting major

The Ness School of Management and Economics at South Dakota State University will now offer both a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts in accounting  following the program’s …

US Supreme Court shows ignorance of US Constitution's tenets

The recent Trump vs U.S. ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court regarding presidential absolute immunity from criminal liability in the performance of core constitutional powers and a presumption of …

US Supreme Court and how government works

The Supreme Court’s 2024 term might have been defined, to the general public at least, by multiple decisions concerning Donald Trump. These cases matter. But the bigger picture is in how the …

Londa Nwadike takes reins at South Dakota State's Department of Dairy and Food Science

BROOKINGS — Londa Nwadike, a Bruce native and 2000 South Dakota State University alumna, has been named the David A. Thompson Endowed Department Head and Professor of Dairy and Food Science at …

Floodwaters causing problems for beans, bales in South Dakota

Floodwaters have brought up many issues for South Dakota farmers this year. As water recedes slowly, I’ve been working with growers to help find options for alternative crops that could be …
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The 5 most popular international summer travel destinations in 2024
Airalo compiled a ranking of the five most popular international summer travel destinations using information from Google Flights.
Give Your Grilling Game a Flavor Boost: 3 tips to make summer meals deliciously memorable
(Family Features) Make sure your grill game is on fire this summer. The right prepping, seasoning and grilling techniques can help you serve your favorite foods.
Netflix cancels cheapest plan as subscribers have to choose
Giant Freakin Robot reports that Netflix is phasing out its cheapest ad-free subscription tier for existing subscribers and asking them to choose a new plan to stay tuned into the world's largest streamer.
How does sleep affect the weight loss journey? We asked a husband-and-wife team of medical experts
(BPT) - As a sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Christopher J. Allen knows well the importance of sleep health, which is not only defined by the number of hours the individual sleeps, but also the …
Hurricane Beryl’s rapid intensification to Category 5 is alarming: Here’s why more tropical storms are exploding in strength
Hurricane Beryl hit the island of Carriacou, Grenada, on July 1, 2024, with 150 mph sustained winds. NOAA Hurricane Beryl was the latest Atlantic storm to rapidly intensify, growing quickly from …