Work proceeds on meat locker location

Work has started again on the new building for the Flandreau Meat Locker which burned in a fire in the summer of 2017.
Workers were at the new location on Veterans Avenue late last week, digging in plumbing pipes, and the Flandreau Development Corporation, which gifted the land to owner Tyler Kills-A-Hundred, has said the building should be ready by December.
Kills-A-Hundred did not respond to messages asking about his plans.
The FDC also voted last week to have the property surveyed again and have Kills-A-Hundred deed the back half of the land – the western portion -- back to the development group. If he needs that piece back and it still is available, that could be worked out, too, said Dan Sutton with the FDC.
“It was more than what he needed,” Sutton said. “If not (used), it gives us another place for another business if somebody should come in. We just want to put the property to the best use.”
The city is planning on having its lawyer Paul Lewis review tax incentives businesses are given when they invest enough money into business improvements or construction. Kills-A-Hundred previously was extended some incentives by the FDC, but before his business was built and he could use any tax break, the city found out that the county’s tax incentives take precedence over any other breaks and rescinded the offer.
County commissioners have since voted to eliminate Moody County incentives and let communities do their own.
The city council would be able to implement the previous plan, if appropriate, or come up with something new, said City Administrator Jeff Pederson. If kept the same, Kills-A-Hundred likely would qualify.
Kills-A-Hundred also plans to keep his Second Avenue lot with possibly some plans in a few years, Sutton said.

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