Some snow days may fall off school calendar

Flandreau students will just make the cut of completing enough school hours under state law this year, unless there are additional days when school is cancelled because of weather.
So far, the district has had 8 snow days plus one day for teacher conferences during a five-week period.
Flandreau School Board members will wait until April to make a final decision on what days should be made up by students and by staff, who are paid for a 175-day contract.
The school must have classes for a minimum of 962.5 hours of instructional time under state law, said Superintendent Rick Weber. That can’t include passing time between classes, recess or lunch, he said. At the elementary level, for example, each day is 360 minutes of instructional time.
“If we don’t have anymore, we would be cutting it close, and we’re about right on it now,” Weber said.
In a normal year, teachers also would ideally complete their contracted days.
With the number of missed days, the last day of school would be May 30, according to the school calendar.
But board members at last week’s school board meeting talked about having school dismissed for summer before Memorial Day, which is May 27. That would mean school could be finished by about May 24.
No decision was made because board members said they need to wait to see if there are other snow days.
“I would be in favor of that five-day week (May 20-24) being added and not coming back after Memorial Day,” said Darren Hamilton, board member.
The original last day of school was May 17 with graduation at 2 p.m. May 18. Graduation will not be moved so seniors most likely not make up missed school days because diplomas would need to be signed for the commencement service, Weber said.


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