Reality of video score boards to happen

An example of a what the video board will look like in the Flandreau High School gymnasium. This board is located on the right side of the stage.

All the sights, pizzazz and excitement of video scoreboards will be a reality in the Flandreau Public Schools’ gymnasiums as early as the 2023-24 school year.
At the September 12 regular board meeting and at the request of the Flandreau Flier Booster Club, the Flandreau School Board voted to purchase two Daktronics video boards and accept yearly payments from the Club, who will own the boards, over five years.
This all is possible due to the hard work of many ambitious Booster Club members, generous area businesses who will be advertising on the boards and the school district’s willingness to support the project.
Two 11’ x 15’ video boards will be installed in each of the school’s gymnasiums – the Elementary and the High School. They will be used at basketball and volleyball games, and wrestling competitions.
The total the district pays Daktronics in Brookings for the video boards will be $224,826.08, which will be made in three payments. The Booster Club will repay the district the entire amount – $45,000 per year over four years with the fifth year’s balance set at $44,826.08.
The district’s portion of the project also includes payment of the various necessities to run the boards such as electricity and instructors to teach the curriculum. They will also provide IT support, set up the necessary equipment and will donate 28 activity tickets for the Booster Club to give to the top advertisers.
The Booster Club will pay for the electrical installation, board maintenance and software, and a stipend to the operator.
Monetarily, for the Club to do the above and buy the video boards, the money will come from advertising revenue and donations. The video boards have room for up to 20 advertising sponsors.
They currently have 19 of those advertising partners secured for a pledge of $58,000 a year for five years.
Board member Sandy Sheppard says there is still time to advertise as that one space is still open.
“We have one advertising spot to fill,” she said, “and are looking for interested individuals or businesses who would like to benefit from advertising on the video board.”
The sponsorship to be filled yet is the Anchor Partnership with an $8,000 per year commitment.
Anchor Partnership advertisers have their business logo in a stationery position on the bottom of the board, get a 30 second commercial per game, a minimum of 25 exposures on the board per game, (rotating logo along with the other businesses in a different level of sponsorship), four season tickets and more.
Other sponsorship types are six Founding Partnerships and 10 Premier Partnerships. All of these advertising spots have been filled.
After installation is complete next year, Daktronics will provide 20 pieces of creative content for use right away. These include graphics, rotating business logos and already created commercials for the local advertisers.
“This will help us get off the ground and running right away. Then as our students learn the material and curriculum, they can design other content for the video boards.”
Students will receive hands-on experience in the classroom and learn the curriculum provided by Daktronics. They’ll also learn how to operate them and will eventually create the content and advertisements that will be viewed.
Other content to be viewed on the boards will include animated graphics to display when a big play is made or a visible way to get the crowd cheering. Somewhat the same as is done in a professional or college setting.
The Anchor sponsors will have commercials shown and player stats can be shown during quarter breaks or time-outs.
These boards can be used during concerts, PE classes, pep rallies, graduation and any other community events held in the school’s gyms. Air-time may be sold to anyone wishing to announce a birthday or special event.
“We may even have a ‘guess the senior’ activity in which a photo of a senior is shown covered with puzzle pieces,” said Sheppard.
“As the pieces disappear, the audience can guess who it is.”
All this will eventually be created and operated by the students as they learn the program.
“We are looking for ways to assist our teams, provide opportunities for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to participate, and improve retention of our student-athletes and coaches,” said Booster Club member Megan Severtson.
“We believe this project will both directly and indirectly improve the overall experience of our kids from the moment they put on a Flandreau jersey.”
Just what are some of the other things the Flier Booster Club does for the athletes in the school?
A few examples from the previous year are:
• $3,000 to the two summer strength and speed coaches
• $1,917 for the 2021-22 HUDL video service. For the 2022-23 school year, this amount is projected to increase by $650.
• $560 for a tent frame for the Cross Country/Track teams
• $1,365 to three youth basketball teams for winter tournament entry fees
• $200 towards the girls’ basketball fan bus
• $500 to the boys’ basketball team when they advanced to State
• $500 to Track for athlete of the week awards and team food
• $500 to Wrestling for year-end awards and camps
• $500 to Football for team camp
“The Booster Club board members are grateful to the Flandreau Public School, school board members and the community for the strong support we’ve received for the video board project,” said Sheppard.
“We are excited for the ways these video boards will enhance not only the experience for our athletes, but for all students in the school.”
In future years, the Flandreau Flier Booster Club’s goal is to raise enough funds for installation of a video board on the football field and track.
Contact Sheppard to learn more about advertising on the video board and help support the Flier athletes via the Flandreau Flier Booster Club at 605-530-1899.


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