Landmark Gun Range Closed

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Disregard by some, close it for all

At the Colman city council meeting on April 10, council members voted to close the Colman Rod and Gun Club due to misuse.

The shooting range has closed indefinitely until the city decides how to proceed. Messes left by those using the range and the need for continuous upkeep from the city led to the decision.

According to the Moody County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, televisions, computers and furniture have been brought to the range, shot at or blown up with Tannerite and left behind for city maintenance workers to clean and handle.

Tannerite is an exploding target and contains the components of a binary explosive. Use of this explosive has left the backstop of the shooting range deteriorated and possibly unsafe for use.

In how to proceed, the council discussed the possibility of adding a fence and exclusive memberships, the rules of the shooting range and lead and community cleanup.

The Colman gun range will remain closed to the public for an extended period of time with no shooting allowed until the city makes a determination.

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