Thinking of running for office? Here’s your chance


A number of local seats are up for election this spring including the offices of Mayor in both Flandreau and Colman.
Mayor Dan Sutton in Flandreau has said that he will seek re-election.
“Mary Beth and I have visited about me running for re-election,” said Sutton.
“My continued passion for improving Flandreau and helping it to grow  to meet our needs today and into the future are important to me. There are so many projects yet to be completed that have started or are in the planning stages that I have been a part of and I would like to help get them done.”
Also up for grabs in Flandreau are seats in the First, Second and Third Wards. Currently, Mark Ekern represents Ward One which includes a four-year term. Mike Fargen represents Ward Two, which is also a four-year-term. Brad Bjerke in Ward Three holds a four-year-term while Tim Yeaton, also in Ward Three holds just a two-year-term.
It is believed most if not all current Council members plan to run for re-election but no petitions have been filed.

In Colman, Mayor Mike Preheim also intends to seek re-election.
Colman also has expiring terms for three City Council seats — Ward I, the seat currently held by Travis Heiter, Ward II, Mitch Clark’s position and Ward III, Troy Smallfield. Only one current Council member has taken out a petition to date but it is believed all will be running for re-election.
All are two-year terms.
The City of Egan has posted vacancies for Trustee #1 which is currently a seat vacated by Brad Justra and is not filled and Trustee #3 which is held by Dana Walters. She was appointed to fill the seat after an earlier resignation by John Steinhauer. Both are three-year terms.
In the Municipality of Ward, the lone three-year term for the elective officer is expiring. Currently that position is held by Annette Mitchell.
Also on the spring ballot in Flandreau, three 3-year terms are up for election in regard to the school board. Brian Johnson, Brian Klein and Adam Wiese all have terms that are ending.
In Colman-Egan, school board members with expiring terms in that district include Kirsten Taggart and Nicole Larson. Both are at-large seats for three-year terms.
Petitions for all positions are due into their respective offices by February 23rd at 5:00 p.m.
Elections are scheduled for April 9th.