Signage, facade revamp planned

Carleen Wild
Posted 9/4/23

Flandreau City

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Signage, facade revamp planned


The front of the City Office.
As the City of Flandreau prioritizes projects and prepares to finalize a budget ahead of the 2024 Fiscal Year, one item noted at the tail end of a recent lengthy budget workshop was $25,000 set aside for the exterior renovation of the front of the building that houses all of the city departments along with administration staff.
According to City Administrator Cohl Turnquist, “The deteriorating state of the front of the building has been an issue that has been pointed out by community members, staff, and governing members. The front of the building has endured several incidents where it has been damaged and deteriorated to a state where a renovation is necessary.”  
The goal is to save a portion of the existing metal siding and install a brick façade on the lower portion of the building frontage. Perhaps most notable about the project is something visitors and locals alike have noted over time — it was Turnquist’s recommendation that evening, that the project include a sign to identify the City Office attached to the front of the building.

“I believe the support for the installation of proper signage stems from the City’s desire to be accessible as possible. I have heard from several folks, even some that have lived in town for several years, that the office was hard to find and identify. It is our hope that with proper signage community members are able to more easily identify the City Office and feel welcomed upon arrival.”
Visitors to town especially, often struggle to find the resource given the lack of notable signage, both along the highway as one might try and find the building coming into town, and even as they might look for it in the industrial part of town that it is located in.
Many locals, in fact, routinely mention that they miss the office and staff being downtown and ponder if that might not be an option for the future.
Turnquist stated that particular discussion has not come up, adding that the current space allows for the centralization of staff, and having a large majority of the staff operating out of the same space has been extremely successful and likely couldn’t be a reality downtown.
The budgeted amount to remodel the front of the current administration office is $25,000 and will be split four ways between the General Fund, Water Enterprise Fund, Sewer Enterprise Fund, and Electric Enterprise Funds.