Serving the community with their gifts of time and talents


Kayla Charles
Moody County Enterprise
In today’s world there are many things youth can choose to spend their time doing or not doing while in high school. There are different organizations, clubs, church groups sports and plays to take up a kid’s time. There is one organization or should we say “Society” that has been making its presence known within the community over the past few months. These students are member of the National Honor Society at Flandreau Public High School.
Some may remember, and some probably won’t, the qualifications that a student must meet to be even considered for the National Honor Society. Students in eleventh and twelfth grade who have maintained a 3.25 PGA or higher and completed two academically challenging classes, may submit a resume highlighting their leadership, character, academic and service achievements. The resume must include a cover letter, including a paragraph of biological information, reasons for admission and a request for admission to the National Honor Society, a resume of all activities and class loads that set them apart from other students and a minimum of two letter of references. These resumes are then gone through by a principal-appointed faculty committee.
The faculty committee evaluates the candidates character using two forms of unput. First, school disciplinary records are reviewed. Second, members of the faculty are solicited for input regarding their professional reflections on a candidate’s service activities, character and leadership. Once all the information is gathered and carefully reviewed a majority vote of the committee is held and students are notified. Students that make it through this process get to call themselves a part of the National Honor Society.

One would think that with all that work that these students would get to rest on their morals, but you would be sorrily mistaken. The members of the National Honor Society at Flandreau High School are choosing to spend their time out in our community doing their part.
Their advisor, Georgia Adolph, makes sure they keep busy.
They started out this past summer helping during the annual 4th of July event at the Moody County Museum. Members spent their day keeping the grounds clean for event goers by picking up trash and emptying the trash cans. Later in the month, they provided the manpower serving the pork loin feed at the Moody County Fair.
This fall the group spent an afternoon at Edgewood of Flandreau, calling and playing bingo with the residents. There were some pretty tough competitors for the group to take on.
One Thursday evening the members joined forces with the Farmers Market and provided a game for kids to play while they attended the market. The group took part in some Halloween fun and headed to Riverview Healthcare Center to paint pumpkins with residents bringing joy to the residents. Later that evening members of the group headed to the courthouse to take part in the Trunk and Treat event. The members handed out candies and high fives to the kids as they stopped by their trunk.
Members once again provided the manpower to feed the community. They worked the lunch stand at the Santa Mall, serving up donuts, coffee, BBQ’s, and chips. Spreading some more holiday cheer the group headed back up to Edgewood of Flandreau to make placemats with the residents that they could use during Thanksgiving. The group also took part in the Holiday Parade this past weekend and plan to decorate Christmas trees at Riverview Healthcare Center and Edgewood of Flandreau.
When you see these kids out doing their part make sure to shoot them a smile and a hello. They could be choosing to do a lot worse things with their time.  

More photos of the National Honor Society's activities can be found within the print edition of the Enterprise.