Off for Christmas Break


Young school children in Flandreau and Colman raced to the bus and off with their parents  this past Wednesday as they excitedly left school for Christmas break — although it didn’t feel like the typical frigid and snow-packed send-off we usually have for the holidays.
Temperatures hovered in the mid-40’s that afternoon across the upper Midwest with no real sign of snow in sight.
Still, the kids didn’t care. Santa might have fewer problems reaching their homes then.
The Moody County Enterprise caught one bus full of children before they pulled away that day. Among those excited to share what they most hoped for for Christmas, Mayvre Amdahl said she was hoping Santa might bring a new playset horse, Braxton Williams, alongside her, said he hoped to come back after break with a new football necklace.
Reagan Sample said that it wasn’t presents she was most excited about, instead, she was looking forward to visiting her aunt and uncle over the holidays.