Little Mexico opens its doors


The first of two new restaurants in downtown Flandreau has opened its doors.
Little Mexico is located on Wind Street just a block north of Pipestone Avenue and adjacent to JJ’s Coffee Spot. The building in the past was the home of the long time Flandreau Cafe and most recently it was a temporary home for some authentic Mexican fare.
Its new owners, also native to Mexico, have done some much-needed restoration work on the building itself. Joselin Bargas, who heads up a construction team locally, primarily remodeled the interior and addressed other physical issues with the historic building.
It just might be though, the delicious aromas wafting from the outdoor smoker and the freshly-painted hot pink exterior, that make this new local Flandreau business hard to miss.

The work was a labor of love as his wife, Alejandra Nunez Guzman, has always dreamed of owning her own restaurant.
There are many that already know Guzman and her food from the street-fare she’s cooked up for years and sold at local weekly soccer tournaments and other events. Guzman grew up in her grandparents home and saw the two of them cooking and selling what they made.
She very much hopes that, “People come and like the food. I mainly want people to really like our food,” she said.
What makes her menu different are the ingredients and the taste, she said. Other local “Mexican” restaurants are authentic and wonderful but owned by families that are from other Central American/Latin American countries.
Guzman, while she has lived in Flandreau for the past 15 years and been in the U.S for 18 years, is from Mexico and she returns often to visit family still there. She and Bargas have seven children between them and chances are you will see them around the new venue. Their oldest is Justin (17), Camila (16), Yohana (14), Juan (12), Simon (9), Alexis (3) and Eric (1) all follow.
Little Mexico is open Tuesday through Saturday.
Next door, meanwhile, remodeling work is underway on the old BJ’s/Fajitas restaurant and bar. We’ll introduce you to the family opening the new Filling Station restaurant and offer details as to when that family hopes to open to the public in next week’s Moody County Enterprise.