What’s in a Logo?

In a special City Council meeting Tuesday, October 12, the mayor of Flandreau led a discussion about a new logo for the City of Flandreau. The City Council recently approved partial funding for such a process. Mayor Dan Sutton says the goal is to help Flandreau, “... discover, articulate, live and share its brand...a differentiation strategy to attract people to our community. It’s more than a logo,” he recently wrote, in an invitation to leaders throughout the city, tribal and business communities, in the hopes they’ll attend. “It’s a mantra, a theme that unifies Flandreau for years to come.”
Logos, according to marketing professionals, help reveal your identity, invite new people to get to know you, and distinguish you from the competition. Mayor Sutton along with leaders from the Flandreau Development Corporation and Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe have discussed for months how a new and unified logo might benefit our collective community — better share the story of who and what Flandreau is as well as what the community has to offer.  
“Being a part of many of those discussions, I felt it was something that should be brought forward and put into action. It simply is time for us as a community to tell our story of who we are and what makes us a great place you want to work, live, start a business, or raise your family,” said Sutton.
Community leaders were asked to share the invitation as everyone’s input in the process is being encouraged. Feedback given at the meeting and what might come next will be in next week’s Enterprise.