Students begin using new in-town bus stops

Around 10 students ranging from elementary to middle school age wait at Dakota Stop on Monday morning for the school bus. Busses arrive to pick students up between 7:55am-8:05am and return them around 3:37pm. Parents are asked to have their students at the bus stop by 7:55am.

The Flandreau School District has now implemented six in town bus stops for students to use to get to and from school. The busses began running Monday, November 28 after being approved during the last school board meeting.
At that meeting Marietta Gassman and Chelsea Greenfield spoke to the board regarding surveys they had conducted about bus stops within city limits. The results of the survey show that five bus stops were needed.
“We are adding these bus stops to help improve attendance for our Flandreau students,” said Greenfield, Flandreau Elementary School Counselor.
The busses pick students up between 7:55am and 8:05am and drop kids off around 3:37pm. The stops are located at the Dakota Stop, Trading Post, corner of Broad Avenue and Center Street, the FIS main gate, corner of Allen Avenue and Center Street, and Owancaya-Duta Avenue and Center Street.
Bus stop signs will be placed at these stops. Parents are asked to have their students at the bus stop by 7:55am.
Brett Johanson, Harlow’s School Bus supervisor said, the first week has been a little slow at some of the stops but thinks once the word gets out more that the stops will be used more.”
Important information from the district follows: “If there is a family in town that would like to use these new stops, please fill out the Flandreau School’s bus stop form before your student uses the bus. We need to make sure that the bus drivers know where to drop them off after school. If you have filled out the form, the wait time for the in-town stops in the mornings are going to be between 7:55am-8:00am. Please have your students ready at 7:55am. Once the bus stops in the morning, they will not come back. The buses leave the school at the end of the day at 3:37pm and should have the in-town students dropped off shortly after that. If anyone has questions, please contact Chelsea Greenfield (605-997-2780) or Emma Peters (605-997-3263) at the school.”

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