Spring planting going on

Mike Johnson and his brother Steve worked nonstop in the fields this past week to get their corn and soybeans in ahead of what was to be a rainy extended forecast. Mike, on the ground this past Saturday, was moving quickly to ensure Steve had everything he needed to keep going as long as possible in the field throughout the day.

“I think everybody has been going hammer down this whole week because…well, as of yesterday, the forecast was for like 10 days of rain. There were a lot of chances for rain,” said local farmer Mike Johnson. “Now it’s like, well, it didn’t rain. So I guess you just keep going.”
Johnson, his brother Steve, and other family were moving as quickly as they could this past week to get in as much of their 1,500 acres of corn and soybeans that they could ahead of the predicted wet weather.
They were out along with just about every other farmer across the county and region — well before sun-up to long after sundown to get spring seeds sown. Planting is already weeks later than many might have liked. The ongoing threat of heavy snow this spring and cooler temperatures have kept everyone out of the field until recently.
“This last winter was pretty tough…You look at the 10 day forecast, all in the 70’s. I think we’re going to have a pretty nice spring. The barn swallows are here so it’s time to go,” said Johnson.