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Jordan Youngberg

Moody County voters have a choice between two experienced lawmakers from Madison when it comes to voting in the District 8 Senate race.
Officially, it’s a rematch.
In 2016, Newcomer Jordan Youngberg, a Republican, defeated Democrat incumbent Scott Parsley. This year, Parsley is challenging Youngberg to claim back that seat.
District 8 includes Moody, Lake, Minor and Sanborn counties. Residents can register to vote until Oct. 22, and absentee voting is open until Nov. 5.
Below are the answers to Enterprise questions from Jordan Youngberg.

Jordan Youngberg

Age: 28
Address: Madison
Occupation: Owner Youngberg Pest Control
Family: Wife, Ann
Previous Legislative Experience: District 8 Senator, 2017-2018
What is your top issue that you will advocate on District 8’s behalf in the legislature? I do not have any one issue nor a top issue. I believe in listening to District 8 constituency and taking action from there.
What kind of bi-partisan cooperation would you use if elected to represent all voters? I think partisanship issues are a media-driven topic. I work with everyone, regardless of party.
What is the most important issue facing the state and how would you work to resolve it in this next legislative session? The most important issue is always transparency and understanding in government. I would work on making government easier to follow for the average South Dakotan like myself.
With South Dakota’s reliance on sales tax revenue, what would be your first cut if you had to make one, and what area most needs additional money if the state can afford it? I believe each department needs to run on baseline budgeting. With any extra money, I believe we put it toward fighting meth and opioids.
Why are you interested in serving District 8? I want my kids and grandkids to have the same opportunities that I had growing up and more.


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