Graduation ceremonies near for local seniors

Carleen Wild
Moody County Enterprise

Details for graduation ceremonies at both Colman-Egan and Flandreau Public Schools and Flandreau Indian School have been announced.
Colman-Egan students will be the first to cross the stage this coming weekend. Ceremonies are scheduled for Sunday, May 8th at 2:00 p.m. in the gymnasium. The Senior Hawks chose Black and Gold for their class colors, a yellow carnation for their class flower, and “We’re kind of a big deal!” for their class motto. Lela Himmerich, 9-12 English teacher, will deliver the commencement speech that day.
Himmerich said the message she hopes to deliver more than anything, “Will be that students go forward and build a life that brings happiness and fulfillment. Also, to live a life of honor, which means to take care of themselves and others in their life that they care about. Honestly, that would make for a life well lived,” said Himmerich.
Seniors at Flandreau Indian School will be the next to receive their diplomas. Graduation ceremonies at FIS are scheduled for May 11th at 10 a.m. No other details were available at the time of press Monday morning.
Seniors at Flandreau Public Schools will hear the traditional sounds of the processional kick off at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 14. Bamba and his classmates chose Goldenrod for their class color, anemone for their flower and “Love school, hate summer” for the class motto.
“It’s just a little sarcastic comment that floats around the school and it adds a sunny disposition in the halls (even if it’s not true). Sometimes life is stressful, and a little bit of humor can make your day and lighten your load,” said senior Matthew Drietz.
He added that it’s that lightheartedness and positivity he’ll always try to carry with him as he heads off into the future. Drew Bamba echoed a similar sentiment.  
“I love how my class got along with each other, no one would be left out and we would always have fun as a friend group,” said Bamba, as he reflected on what he’ll remember most about his classmates. “My class is also very motivated and we push each other to be better!”
Owen Parsley, the history and geography teacher for the high school, will be giving the commencement address. A livestream of the ceremonies will be available on the School’s website: Fliers.liveticket.TV