‘A Christmas Carol’ is a family affair

The next production at the Crystal Theatre will be “A Christmas Carol,” a musical for the entire family. That’s fitting since the members of various families have gathered to put on this production.

“There’s really a lot of families involved,” said director Dan Sutton.

Sutton noted that Scrooge will be played by Ted Kulm and that he “gets to act with all of his kids.”

The cast of “A Christmas Carol” includes:

Scrooge—Ted Kulm

Scrooge at 8 years old—Ben Kulm

Scrooge at 12 years old—Jesse Baumberger

Young Ebenezer—Austin Kulm

Fan—Katherine Kulm

Emily—Karisma Rennich

Jacob Marley—Matt Lacey

Young Jacob Marley/Jonathan—Lurick Dailey

Bob and Mrs. Cratchit—Tim and Malerie Yeaton

Tiny Tim Cratchit—David Witt

Martha Cratchit—Makayla Welbig

Belinda Cratchit—Bridgette Baumberger

Peter Cratchit—Daniel Hobbie

Mrs. Smythe—Julie Baumberger

Grace Smythe—Lyla Thompson

Fred Anderson—Matt Knippling

Sally Anderson—Erica Knippling

Sam Anderson—Liam Knippling

Cindy Anderson—Jillian Knippling

Mrs. Fezziwig—Libby Heinemann

Ghost of Christmas Past (Lamplighter)—Max Fleet

Ghost of Christmas Present (Sandwichboard Man)—Jeremy Haugen

Ghost of Christmas Future (Blind Old Hag)—Kim Fleet

Mrs. Mops—Joan Severtson.

Scrooge’s mother—Tami Clarke

Judge/Mr. Hawkins—Andy Wede

Poulterer—Sheila Collins

Granny Pickwick—Jessica Lewis

Granny Chuzzlewitt—Emily Pieper

Rich woman, Charwoman and Charity Women—Darlene Kuhnel, Libby Heinemann, Jessica Lewis, Emily Pieper, Julie Baumberger and Tami Clarke

The angels/dancing girls—Gabby Wede, Abby Lewis, Bailey Bergjord, Syri Blubaugh, Isabel Kulm and Jillian Knippling

Dancing girls/elves—Konstance Fricke, Eliana Fricke, Paloma Fricke, Jennifer Sanders, Katherine Kulm, Ailee Southwood, Mazzy Johanson and Nevaeh Smith

The monks/ghosts —Sheila Collins, Matt Lacey, Andy Wede, Emily Pieper, Jessica Lewis, Konstance Fricke, Eliana Fricke, Paloma Fricke, Jennifer Sanders, Katherine Kulm, Mazzy Johanson, Ailee Southwood and Nevaeh Smith

Grave diggers—Austin Kulm, Jesse Baumberger and Lurick Dailey

Boy workers/orphans—Lanz Dailey and Wyatt Baumberger

Toy soldiers—Daniel Hobbie, Wyatt Baumberger, Lanz Dailey, Ben Kulm and Liam Knippling

Townspeople and ensemble—the entire cast

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