Getting a first look inside


Local firefighters in Flandreau toured the inside of the new Flandreau Fire Hall this past weekend. Work on the interior is moving along quickly now that the exterior doors, all but one, are on the building.
For many it was their first look at what will become their new home.

Construction on the new station, which began in July of 2023, was scheduled to be complete by late February. The Flandreau City Council however approved some change orders this month that could delay final construction by a few additional weeks.
A warmer than normal winter through late last year and little snow allowed for work to move along much more quickly than originally anticipated.
Included in the changes Council approved is the removal of a small interior wall between a mechanical room and another utility room. The larger single room is said to be a better option for the utility space needed.
The total cost of the project, located just south of the Moody County Courthouse in the heart of town, is just over $3 million. Included in the new facility will be more room to house equipment, more space around the trucks for safety, a kitchen, a meeting room with technology and space for training, and room for future expansion if it’s needed.