Yeaton new appointee

Local firefighter, nursing home administrator and father of three, Tim Yeaton is the latest appointment to the Flandreau City Council for Ward 3. Yeaton replaces Bob Pesall, who recently stepped away from his role with the city after his new appointment as a circuit court judge. Bart Sample also made it known he would be open to serve out the remainder of Pesall’s term.
“I look forward to the opportunity to serve my community,” said Yeaton. “Although I’m not originally from Flandreau, this community is now my children’s hometown and a place that my wife and I have truly enjoyed being able to call home. Anything I can do to help keep it a great place to live and work, count me in. I’m excited for what the future holds for Flandreau and doing what I can to make sure the city continues to thrive.”
Yeaton serves on several other boards, including the South Dakota Health Care Association Board. He was also recently appointed to a long term care administrators board for the state. He is also heavily involved in youth baseball and the Crystal Theater.
Yeaton joins newly elected Curt Ahlers on the Council. Ahlers was appointed months ago when Jason Unger resigned from his seat due to a move outside of city limits. Ahlers was officially re-elected to the position during spring elections.
Brad Bjerke was elected Council President and Karen Tufty Council VP. Cory Bruning was named city attorney, the Moody County Enterprise was named the official paper, and the First National Bank was named as the official depository.
Also heard at the most recent meeting of the Flandreau City Council:
An update on the Crescent Street Bridge. Mayor Dan Sutton continues to meet with tribal leaders and talk with the BIA as the collaboration of leaders across the community work to obtain grants that will allow for the reconstruction of a vehicle and pedestrian bridge after the city finishes a demolition of the current Crescent Street Bridge.
The city and tribe will meet this week to talk about the future of Rivers Bend Golf Course. The hope is that it will lead to some sort of a partnership between the city, tribe, and the golf association. A second meeting with the golf task force will most likely be later this month, the purpose is to discuss how to proceed forward with a recommendation to the city.
Jeff Pederson offered a tentative notice that in January of 2023 there will be a rate increase of about 16% from the Western Area Power Administration for it’s users. “So it’s not insignificant,” said Pederson. “While that’s high, there was a bigger jump back in 2016.”
An update on the liquor license transfer that had previously been approved for Kyle Haug and Parlly Properties at 107 N Wind. The state denied a reversal of its pulling the license, which means Flandreau has one less liquor license. The license, while it was above the four Flandreau should have based on its population, had been grandfathered in. The pulling of the license by the state means that license is no longer available to anyone.  
A request by siblings Tom Hansen and Kim Hansen for a retail on and off sale malt beverage and South Dakota wine license at 105 W. 2nd Avenue. The new location is in the part of the building that formerly housed the Tingle Factor years ago.
Discussion on a new ordinance drafted to allow for a “Watchman’s Quarters or Caretakers Residence” in commercial districts. The motion comes at the request of Tom and Lisa Boyd to create a living quarters area in the back of their Pipestone Avenue business.
City Administrator Jeff Pederson discussed a review of the city budget and explained what funding is available in the general fund along with where upcoming major expenditures are or could be.
The introduction of Ordinance 610, which would allow for civil fines to be issued if there are repeat offenses of nuisance violations, or if a nuisance violation goes unaddressed by a property owner. The move follows several nuisance violations that have not been addressed after repeated attempts by the city to get property owners to address the problem(s).
The approval of a partial street closure on E 2nd Avenue on June 17 for Hot Dog Days.