Where to put it all

Ashdaehn Smith-Kuhnel slides down one of the many piles of snow around Flandreau.

Homeowners, business owners and city officials throughout Moody County are still working to best navigate all of the snow that fell in the latest winter storm. Parking lots, lawns, rite-of-ways and every other inch of spare outdoors square footage seem to be piled high as we head deeper into the heart of winter here in the Midwest.
At least a foot of powder quickly came down throughout much of the county between January 2nd and the 4th. The weather station in Flandreau measured 12 inches. Trent registered 18 inches of snow according to the weather team at Dakota News Now.
Joan and Bob Handberg, who live southeast of Trent, said it was more than that at their place. Joan measured 22 inches with the yardstick as the two worked to make it out to the barn on Wednesday.
Roads were impassable for much of Tuesday and Wednesday last week. No travel was advised in the first big winter storm of 2023 as emergency crews, even one plow ended up getting stuck trying to help others stranded in the snow. School was canceled in Flandreau, extending winter break through Thursday as plow drivers worked to clear rural sections of the district.
There is no measurable amount of snow in the immediate forecast but cold temperatures will persist and keep what is on the ground around for the foreseeable future.

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