WANTED: Personal Profiles

In an increasingly connected world, we often hear that it is easy to feel incredibly disconnected. We’re busy, we’ve got work and family, volunteering and activities to get to and the friends that we’ve always had.
It sincerely is not easy fitting anything or anyone new in.
But connections — they are important and welcoming new people into our communities and our lives can be life-changing if not comforting, or even inspiring.
New friendships can also have a huge impact on our physical and mental health — a Swedish study recently found that strong friendships help to relieve stress, provide joy, prevent loneliness and isolation, and lead to greater longevity in life.
Close friendships, new friendships don’t just happen, however.     
Starting this next week, we’d love to feature one person (we’re not sure yet if it’ll be each week or every couple of weeks) from across the county, someone that has either lived here their entire life here or perhaps you’re new to the area. We’re hoping for all and we’re taking nominations. You can introduce yourself or nominate someone you know to be featured, we look forward to hearing from and meeting you.
Please send profile suggestions to [email protected]