Trent house fire leaves heavy damage

A recent house fire in Trent left a brick home unlivable and with extensive smoke damage, according to the Trent Fire Department chief.
The home, belonging to Jal Biliu, was not occupied at the time of the fire, said Chief Tom Scherff. Biliu, an over-the-road truck driver, was working when the electrical fire started about 11 p.m. on March 23.
“There’s a lot of damage inside,” Scherff said.
The department called in mutual aid from Flandreau, Colman and Jasper, Minn., in order to have more water, he said.
“We mainly needed water because our water supply is on the west side of the river,” he said.
Scherff said because the road out of town to the west was flooded, the fire department didn’t have access to enough water. The source of water to fight fires is west of the Big Sioux River, and Trent doesn’t have enough pressure in town to use for fires, he said.
Scherff, who brought up the water pressure issue with the town council last summer, said he will revisit it at the next council meeting.
At the time, the council didn’t choose Scherff’s suggested remedy, which was to increase the size of the line from the four-inch pipe it has to something bigger in order to increase water pressure to Trent.
The Trent fire was the third house fire in recent weeks in the county.


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