Three arrested following search warrant

Acting on a tip, local law enforcement executed a search warrant this past week at a home northeast of Flandreau. Three people were arrested after city, tribal and county officials

Tribal police this past week, along with the Flandreau Police Department and Moody County Sheriff’s Office, arrested three people from the area on drug-related charges. The three teams worked together on April 26th to execute a search warrant on a rural property to the northeast of town. Inside the residence, law enforcement stated that they located methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and evidence of prescription drug abuse. One additional arrest was made away from the property. No further information is being made available.
The arrests follow several other large drug busts in the area, several drug-related overdose deaths, and a new warning from the DEA about an increase in mass-overdose events nationwide involving deadly fentanyl.
“Fentanyl is killing Americans at an unprecedented rate,” said DEA Administrator Anne Milgram. “Already this year, numerous mass-overdose events have resulted in dozens of overdoses and deaths. Drug traffickers are driving addiction, and increasing their profits, by mixing fentanyl with other illicit drugs. Tragically, many overdose victims have no idea they are ingesting deadly fentanyl, until it’s too late.”
Among the cities seeing spikes in these mass overdose deaths — Omaha, Nebraska.
“Fentanyl poisonings are at an all-time high,” said Sheriff Mike Milstead, Minnehaha County, South Dakota Chair, Drug Enforcement Committee, National Sheriffs’ Association. “These are not isolated incidents. These are happening in every state and every county in America, leaving behind grieving families. Let us be clear: These poisonings are part of a strategic maneuver by the cartels and it must be stopped.”
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