Supporting Local Families One Bed at a Time

Bella Pavlis, Liam Streitz and Brookly Roozen help create beds in Brookings for a program named Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

FHS National Honor Society Builds beds

We are told from a very early age that we need a good night’s rest in order to function well the next day, or on any given day for that matter. So imagine needing sleep but having no bed to lie in. Literally.
It’s not something most Flandreau National Honor Society Students understood was a sincere issue, at least until this past week as they volunteered for Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a national non-profit organization that helps ensure every child has a bed.
Two to three percent of all children in the United States are without a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads each night, according to the organization. Volunteers across the country have increasingly been working to change that scenario since 2012. It was over the holidays that year that  Luke Mickelson of Twin Falls, Idaho, made the first bed for a family in need in his own community. He then wondered who else they might help with the leftover materials. Sleep in Heavenly Peace has grown to more than 120 chapter nationwide, including six in South Dakota, since.
The students partnered with organizers out of Brookings to build ten beds — they sanded the wood, assembled the frames and finished them off with a fresh coat of stain. Each new bed will go to a family in need in our area.
Chase LeBrun said the entire team felt it was an important organization to get involved with, especially knowing the end product would be of benefit to local families. All of them added that the process was very easy to do.
“I had absolutely no building experience, but the workers have the process perfected which makes the assembly super easy,” said senior Bella Pavlis.
She added, “The kids that need these have many other things going on, so I hope a bed eases their troubles even a little...and the joy the workers see when they deliver these beds is the reason I tried so hard!”
  For more on SHP, to request a bed, make a donation, or to get involved any other way, contact the Brookings SHP representative at 844.432.2337 x 5523.



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