Riverside Park Days held last Saturday, Sunday in Flandreau City Park

on many meanings.
Last weekend, it was defined by softball, snow cones, festival food, live music, an early morning run, camping and fishing, breakfast and church in the park, and family gatherings. Riverside Park Days drew folks out in the humidity and heat on Saturday and Sunday.
Lily Williams, 12 of Flandreau, found it easiest to move between her family’s camper and the park activities on a Hoverboard. It was quicker, too.
“It goes a little bit faster,” she said as she glided through the park, past a softball game.
Several softball enthusiasts tried to see how fast they could hit as many homeruns as possible over the fence in 90 seconds. While most participants in the homerun derby hit some, several strong arms hit into double digits.
Austin Carr from Fergus Falls, Minn., put several over the fence while Garrett Carr of Flandreau pitched to him. The family and the Sanderson family made up a tournament team for the weekend, too.
“It’s my favorite tournament of the year,” Austin Carr said.
What keeps them coming back each year?
That’s easy to answer. “Family,” Garrett Carr said.

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