Please allow me to introduce myself

Hello, Moody County. My name is Carleen. I thought it might be nice to introduce, or reintroduce myself, given I am back with the crew at the Moody County Enterprise.
Some of you know me and know that I worked for the paper previously. Shortly after moving here 10 years ago to be with my husband.
Roger Janssen, who has been with the paper for a very long time, learned about my career in journalism and asked if I’d be interested to help out. I stayed with the paper for a few years, traveling throughout the county getting to know many of you. It was a privilege and allowed me the opportunity to get to know the area, the state, the people and just some of the issues many of you face or hold close to the vest.
I’ve since taken on several other writing and news gigs, some local, some national. And, while I keep straying away, looking to grow and have fun with other projects and businesses that offer new challenges, news in various forms somehow keeps coming back into the fray.
In this case, as many of you already know, it is unfortunate the way that it has. Brenda Wade Schmidt has been a steady, reliable and incredible resource for this paper and each of our respective communities since her arrival on the scene years ago. She’s been a dedicated member of the Enterprise team and always will be. But Brenda could use your thoughts and prayers as she continues to battle serious health issues, she recently wrote her last article and signed off, for now...  
I’m honored to again be a part of the team and in a place where I’m able to do so. Please consider me a resource. I work hard to get out into the community and learn about all that is going on, meet people that might make interesting stories, and cover any and all of it balanced and well.
Having said that, my time is more limited than it might have been in the past to get out and seek out stories. My husband, Casey Wilson, and I now have several other businesses, a band and children we’re always having fun running around after. We are also involved locally with different groups and organizations. We love where we live and feel strongly about personally investing however we can in our community and its future. I’ve actually felt that way and gotten involved in every community and market (news) where I have ever lived. In doing so, I want to assure you, I’ve also worked very hard to keep my news writing separate from any other area of my life and as unbiased as possible. If and when there may ever be a conflict of interest on a story, a member of the Register team from Brookings will take over.
I will always appreciate your insights, thoughts, and happenings and Roger, ML and I hope to hear from you. My email is [email protected]


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