Only minor injuries to child

A four-year-old child suffered only minor injuries when he was struck by a vehicle this past week after running out into the street. Between another vehicle parked at the curb and the setting sun in their eyes, the driver of the vehicle involved did not see the boy until it was too late to avoid the collision. The driver was found not at fault in the accident and the boy is said to be recovering.

A four-year-old child is recovering from minor injuries after being struck by a vehicle on Pipestone Avenue in Flandreau this past Wednesday evening.
Police Chief Zach Weber said that with the sun setting that evening, the westbound driver didn’t see the child run into the street on the far east edge of town.
“Witnesses stated that the child ran into the road. The child received a face laceration and blunt force trauma to his head. He was transported by ambulance to the Flandreau Medical Center and then Care Flighted to Sioux Falls,” said Weber.
The child was near his family home at the time on the corner of Bates Street and Pipestone Avenue. A neighbor said that the child was playing with his own children in the yard when, for reasons they aren’t sure of, decided to run into the street. With another vehicle parked along Pipestone Avenue, it was tough for the child to see the vehicle coming.
The driver was not charged in the accident.

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