Number of cannabis licenses approved

Titus Tollefson presented a $400 check to Flandreau City Officials to help pay for litter prevention signs. He brought his own money to a city council meeting attended by Mark Ekern, Mike Fargen, Mayor Dan Sutton, Bob Pesall and Jason Unger.

Flandreau will be able to have three cannabis dispensaries once medical marijuana is allowed in South Dakota.
The city council unanimously approved the number and set license fees at $10,000 for an initial fee and $10,000 for a renewal under an ordinance passed Sept. 20. Alderman Brad Bjerke was not in attendance.
Mayor Dan Sutton said the number is the same as the number of liquor licenses and the fee is in the middle. The suggested fee to start was $5,000.
“This is going to be an ever evolving and ever moving discussion going forward,” he said.
In other business,
•Titus Tollefson presented a $400 check to the mayor to help pay for litter control signs. The signs were his idea because he saw trash and picked it up. Titus wanted a reminder in town for people to remember to put their trash in a proper place. Some of the money was his own and others also donated to his cause.
“Thank you for approving the signs. This is something I’m very passionate about,” Titus said.
Sutton thanked him for bringing the issue to the city.
“We look forward to you coming back again with any ideas you have. We need more Tituses in the world,” Sutton said.
•Parking was limited under a final passage of an ordinance that permits licensed vehicle parking for 48 hours on city streets and alleys or public places. In the winter, if there is snow, cars have to move within 24 hours after the snow plow has passed on the street. The ordinance specifies that the vehicles must move at least 50 linear feet.
•Under a plan to replace city administrator Jeff Pederson when he retires, the city has a profile for candidates that want to apply. Candidates need a bachelor’s degree and three years of experience and would earn between $85,000 and $100,000. The advertisements will go nationally by next month.
•The Team of Angels will start another Chase the Ace Oct. 7 at Bar X as a fundraiser. They are seeking the city’s permission to close the street if needed to accommodate crowds.
•Four property owners will have a $115 assessment on their tax bill, and one will have $279.21, for mowing completed by the city. The property owners didn’t pay for the mowing once it was completed.



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