New county ambulance ordered

The purchase of a new ambulance has been approved for Moody County, as the lead time for a new rescue unit is now between 450-500 days. The primary ambulance used to respond to calls was bought in 2018 and has roughly 100,000 miles on it. A second backup unit, purchased in 2013, has become unreliable, according to county officials. It has been in the shop more than it should be and cannot be driven a long way due to an issue with the back axle. The new ambulance, commissioners agreed, would be budgeted for in either 2023 or 2024.
Also heard at the most recent meeting of the County Commissioners:
A new dispatcher has been hired by the county for overnights and the county will have a new full-time Deputy Appraiser beginning May 9th. Commission assistant Marty Skroch said that the county has begun posting job openings on and in that time, it has seen more applications and inquiries coming in for all open positions.
A rural property owner that had previously faced fines and complaints from neighbors for using his land for a business he wasn’t licensed to run is again facing the same complaints and fines for non-compliance. Rowdy Olson first received complaints about the business he was running out of his property, essentially a shop and salvage yard, in December of 2020. He was operating without a conditional use permit and his property is not in a commercial zone. Over the course of 2021 and through multiple contacts with Planning and Zoning Director Kendra Eng, his property was brought into compliance. Olson however, now appears to be operating a towing and recycling parts business, which is not allowed in his district. Tires and other parts have been sold on Facebook under a business page called “Olson Auto Recycling.” The business is reportedly not following unlicensed vehicles ordinances as well.
The county has given Olson the option to buy more property to run the type of business he appears to want to have. Ten acres is required for a scrap yard and he currently owns roughly two acres. Other violations are possible as well with a towing business. A recommendation was made to send notice to Olson to stop illegal activity & return to being compliant within 30 days. The recommendation was approved.
Discussion on a property tax increase for T&R Electric in Colman. Business owners had appealed to the City of Colman for a lesser rate and been awarded that amount. But it’s been determined that the City of Colman did not have the right to enter into an agreement with T & R and that needed to be handled at the County level. After a lengthy discussion with an attorney for the company, a motion was made to have T&R’s taxes reduced to what the City of Colman had suggested. Within the next year, the property will be reassessed. The request passed.