Many code violation unresolved

Out of 50 code violation notices sent to home and business owners in Flandreau earlier this year, only twenty have responded with any sort of action to resolve the complaint.
City Council was briefed this past week on the status of the notices sent out after a July 20th inspection by an independent inspector. City Administrator Jeff Pederson told City Council this past week another round of letters may go out before further action will be taken. In a number of instances, he said, extensions of time have been given for compliance upon request.
Community image, community safety and the impact upon adjoining property owners and the values of their properties are at stake if nothing more gets done. Pedersen said that several structures in the city remain in incredibly poor shape due either neglect or abandonment.
Other updates from the City Council in Flandreau…
Bids are being accepted for a garbage pickup and recycling provider in the city. Eng Services currently has the contract.
Residential recyclables pickup, so a curbside service at your home, will be bid as part of the garbage pickup Request for Proposal (RFP).  For the first time, Pederson said, the City is specifying that bidders offer an optional residential recyclables pickup twice-monthly.  Bidders will propose a fee for that service.
Pederson said that he’s heard very little from city residents about their desire for a recycling program, but he also sees how heavily used the recyclables dumpster is at City Offices. He said in general, people feel it is the right thing to do.
“The economics are upside down, but it makes sense to many people to both reduce the amount of material going into landfills as well as reduce the use of virgin materials through recycling,” Pederson said.
City Council members were also given an update on the search for additional police officers. There are currently four serving the department, the department considers itself fully-staffed with six. Matt Joachims position is open while he remains deployed with the National Guard for a year at the southern border. Gabe Frias, previously a city officer, recently moved to the Sheriff’s Department and into the role of School Resource Officer.
Similar to most communities, drugs, domestic violence, and theft remain three of the biggest concerns for crime and fuel the need for a strong police presence. But Pederson said that given its size and pay scale, Flandreau PD functions as an “entry level” department in terms of hiring. The majority of hires are first-time Police Officers require internal training as well as State certification. Often they move on quickly after getting that.
The City recently asked the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe for a conversation about the possibility of rejoining forces, that conversation has not yet happened. The departments had worked as one for many years, starting in 2001. The two entities, however, parted ways in 2015.