Lucky to escape

It only took a short while for Danielle Contresceri’s car to become engulfed in flames last Wednesday, Sept. 28. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Danielle Contresceri is still pretty shaken up. It’s been a week since she lost her vehicle to a car fire in Flandreau. She had just picked her daughter and niece up from school and was a block away from the campus when She noticed smoke coming from under the hood.
Contresceri pulled over and got out to see what the problem might be. She never got the chance to find out. An Amazon driver across the street yelled to her to get everyone out of the car, it was one fire, flames were shooting out from underneath the vehicle.
Within moments it was engulfed.
Contresceri and her sister, Leslie, who sold her the car, are both incredibly grateful that no one was hurt — especially because the car, for years, has randomly locked and unlocked the doors on its own. She knows had it been one of those days the doors randomly locked, they may not have been able to escape.
“It was literally scheduled to go into the shop for repairs the next morning,” said Contresceri, of the locks and other issues the car was having. She knew it wasn’t running well, but she never imagined a fire.
The car is a total loss, and because the family had only liability insurance on it, there is no investigation into a cause and no coverage to help toward another vehicle.


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