Lot sells in Southview Heights

After years of little interest, a lot in Southview Heights has sold.
Tobin and Tina Dailey of Flandreau bought a lot and will begin construction on a home within a few months. The lot in the southeast part of the development is believed to be the first to sell in more than seven years.
The home is one of a couple that is expected to go up in Southview Heights because there is interest from at least one other Flandreau couple in buying a lot, too, said Kelley Ramsdell, president of the Flandreau Development Corporation, which is marketing the lots.
The sale is based on good housing demand, in part. “There are not any other vacant lots in town really,” Ramsdell said.
It also helps that the buyers live in Flandreau and by building, will free up other homes for sale, she said.
“The housing market in Flandreau is short,” she said. “It looks like they’re going to build a beautiful home. It’s opening up another home for someone else. I think that’s exciting.”
With the sale to the Daileys, there are 10 additional lots to sell. Each is priced at $15,000 and is connected to a price that the home should be valued at. In the recent case, the home needs to be valued at $350,000. Prices range between $250,000 and $400,000, progressively getting more expensive toward the south end of the development.
“The demand is further south. Everybody wants the lots closest to the south,” Ramsdell said.
When the FDC sells the lot, the money goes to the city, which put up the funding on the project through a special tax program.
“The goal is for FDC to sell all of these lots and be able to move on to another project,” she said.
The sale of this first lot in years could spark more interest. “Anytime you see movement that’s always optimistic,” Ramsdell said.



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