Longie scores 1002 career points for FIS

Malik Longie of Fort Totten, ND is a student at Flandreau Indian School. While the team lost in their first round of Regionals, Longie played well enough to get his 1000th point scored for FIS.

As the basketball season winds down and high school seniors are recognized for their accomplishments both on and off the court, local hoops fans want to be sure that Malik Longie, of Fort Totten, ND is recognized for all that he’s done for the program at Flandreau Indian School.                                                                                                                                         
Longie is from Fort Totten, ND. He has been a student at FIS for the past four years.  His 1000th point hit the net just as the Indians season came to a close this year — quite an accomplishment given the challenges that he’s faced.
“Malik has played for FIS since he came to us as a freshman,” said head Basketball Coach Jesse Bien. “He was a member of our Varsity team in 2019-20 coming in as a sub. Malik chose to continue with FIS while we were in remote learning for the following year and a half. After missing his sophomore season, we played a shortened season consisting of 15 regular season games and one regional game. Malik has dedicated himself to becoming a truly gifted basketball player. He spends most of his time in the weight room and gym.’
The last regular season game, Malik needed 66 points yet to break the 1,000 mark. He had been averaging 26.8 points per game this year, so it seemed like it might be a stretch.
He had a 40-point game that night. It set him up for his best shot at the goal.
He then scored 28 in the Regional game with Castlewood to finish his career at 1002.
“I am so proud of the work Malik has put into his love for basketball and this has followed him into the classroom as well. Malik is a great young man to coach. He is always eager to work hard and learn the game. My hope for Malik is that he finds a home somewhere at the next level… and uses the “magic” of basketball to meet new people and create opportunities that will allow him to surpass even his own vision for himself. Like all my athletes who play for me, I will always be one of their biggest fans and Malik is no different,” said Bien.