Livestock auction permitted to expand sales dates

A Colman livestock auction can have more sales after an adjustment in the county’s conditional use permit.
The Moody County Board of Adjustment voted to allow Cindy Kramer to hold two sales a week with no more than six sales days in a month. The county also defined sales as being held on one calendar day and defined a week as Sunday through Saturday.
That will allow Kramer to hold three-day sales when she needs to, as long as she doesn’t have more than six sales dates a month. Kramer said the three-day sales are something she is interested in holding because it is convenient for buyers and for employees.
The board denied Kramer’s request to be permitted for 499 animal units instead of the 200 she currently is allowed. They also denied her request to sell items other than animals and the tack that goes with them, such as shovels, pails and old fencing.
General auction items are not permitted by the county in an agricultural zoned area. Kramer also has to make sure all animals are in cages, pens or trailers during the auctions.
In other Moody County commission business,
•Farmer Paul Antoine complained that clay is running off the Wildwood Dairy property onto his farm ground. When a bank of a lagoon washed out, “all that clay washed down to our land because it’s too close,” he said.
“They need a 150- or 200-foot barrier around their property,” he said. “Nobody in their right mind would want this on their land.”
The dairy is so close to his farmland, that construction workers have to come onto Antoine’s land to turn around, he said. In addition, there is trash blowing everywhere, including plastic grocery bags and sandwich wrappers, he said.
The county will have a hearing on the issue on July 2.
•Matt Neisen from Pipestone received county commission approval to use a metal detector on courthouse grounds. Neisen said detecting is his hobby and if he finds any historic tokens, he will donate it to the Moody County Museum.
Neisen said he won’t dig up the lawn because he uses a pin-pointing system to identify his targets and only needs to take up a plug of dirt, which he replaces.
 “It’s a pretty passionate hobby of mind. I take it seriously. There is no mess,” Neisen said.
Commissioners gave permission with the rules that the county maintenance representative must be on hand and that any detecting be done after the community’s Sesquicentennial in July.
•The Sheriff’s Office will purchase a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 special service pickup to replace its 2013 Dodge Charger. The cost without special equipment needed by deputies is $27,643, said Sheriff Troy Wellman. The Charger has about 170,000 miles on it.
•The county sold two properties in Egan through sealed bids.
Shawn Jaacks of Flandreau had the high bid of $759 on a property on West First Street, which was valued at $700. Ken and Lori Halvorson had the high bid of $4,111 for a property on Maple Street, next door to their home. The value on the Maple Street property was assessed at $10,000 but it also has special assessments of $2,950 charged against it.
The county had possession of the properties because of unpaid taxes.


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