It just keeps coming

Snow tunnels are pretty common right now on many rural Moody County Roads as the snow has drifted high during windy winter storms. This photo was taken on 229th Street west of Flandreau.

Did Spring really arrive? The calendar says it did.

Despite this past Monday being the first official day of Spring, more snow is in the forecast for this week. It follows yet another week of treacherous weather that saw road closures across much of the state and high winds that left many drifted in again at their homes in rural areas of the county.
So far this year, parts of Moody County have seen upwards of 52.3 inches of snow with the more rural parts of the county taking the brunt of the storms. On well-traveled highways, such as the Ward Road just outside of town, snow had the main road coming in from the east down to just one lane through a snow tunnel of sorts. Families are taking to whatever might best get them around if they do go out. Others have largely chosen to stay pretty close to home since the major storms started coming routinely late last year.
What will this spring bring? There’s been a lot of talk about how many foggy days we’ve had this winter and what that means for rain come spring. While that is yet to be seen, warmer temperatures are on the horizon. Highs in the upper 30’s are forecast for this coming weekend with only sunshine in sight.

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