HuntSAFE course is August 3, 7 & 8

The 2021 fall hunting season is right around the corner. If you are looking for an opportunity to attend a HuntSAFE class prior to the fall hunting season, there is a class being hosted in Flandreau at the Moody County Extension Building.
HuntSAFE is a free class that covers a wide variety of issues including different types and parts of guns, how to safely handle, load and unload a firearm, basic outdoor survival skills and how to be an ethical hunter.  The class ends with a live fire exercise that combines all the skills that the students have learned throughout the session.  Each student will earn their hunter certification card after the successful completion of any HuntSAFE class. All classes, equipment and materials are be provided.
The next class in Moody County will be hosted at the Moody County Extension building in Flandreau, SD. This class will include three sessions and will start on Tuesday, August 3rd at 6pm until 8pm. The next two sessions will be Saturday, August 7th 8am – 4 pm and Sunday August 8th 1pm – 3pm.
As the name might imply, HuntSAFE isn’t necessarily just for hunters to learn about hunter safety, and HuntSAFE isn’t just for kids. Anybody who owns or handles firearms, or just has a basic interest in hunting, will learn a great deal.
Youth between the ages of 12 and 16 years old who plan on youth hunting this fall will need to successfully complete a HuntSAFE class to purchase an apprentice deer license or to hunt small game and waterfowl, without needing to meet the requirement for the youth hunter to be in the immediate control of an unarmed adult. Any adult planning to be a mentor for big game hunting must also complete a HuntSAFE class to obtain their hunter certification card.
Another option would be to take the South Dakota Hunter Safety Course online. This is an alternative to the free in-person classroom instruction. Completing the course online allows students greater flexibility and time to complete a HuntSAFE class. After completing the online portion of the class, the student may sign-up for an Independent Study Field Day which will provide an overview of the online course material and an opportunity to combine everything that was learned during a live fire exercise. Currently, the Independent Field day is not required but encouraged if a class is available.
If you wish to take the online version of the HuntSAFE course and/or attend the Independent Study Field Day, you can find the course online at Once you have completed the online course print off the online certificate, this will allow you to obtain your HuntSAFE card or attend an Independent Study Field Day.
The number of students allowed for in-person classes is limited so early registration is encouraged to attend. Class registration can be found online at
For more information, please contact Conservation Officer Trevor Johnson at 605-941-4552.