House fire displaces Colman family

The Olson home now sits vacant on South Main in Colman after a fire a week ago Sunday night. The more than century-old home was moved into town nearly 75 years ago from a nearby farm, according to homeowner Nate Olson. The family does not plan to move back in, but rather tear it down and rebuild.

The electrical is gone, there is too much smoke damage, the house is just old and the foundation was already shot. These are just a few of the thoughts Nate Olson has as he and his wife and two children look to rebuild their lives.
The family of four made it out alright a week ago Sunday night when a fire broke out in a downstairs electrical panel at their small downtown Colman home. Firefighters were able to respond within five minutes of the call, according to Fire Chief Jason Landis. But the tiny two-bedroom home that was moved from a farm in the country to its present site 75 years ago, suffered enough damage that Nate and Billie feel they just need to start anew.  
“We all got out, got our pets out,” Olson said. “We’re blessed to be here standing. Those other things are material things that we lost can be replaced.”
Moody County Emergency Management stepped in immediately to ensure the family had a place to stay after the fire. A colleague, Olson added, has since helped them find a rental home southwest of Chester that they can lease for the next few months. The family didn’t have homeowners insurance. “No insurer would touch the house because of the outdated electrical, it was original,” said Olson. “And the quotes I did get to fix the electrical were for more than half of what the house overall was worth. We just need to start over.”
The help the family is getting is overwhelming, he added. “Don’t be the needy type, that’s how I was raised. I’m 41-years-old and I’ve never really asked for help. But we’ve needed help. The response has been somewhat insane.”
The family is hopeful to rebuild in or around Colman. While they were able to save most of their clothes and a few other things, they will have a long road ahead. A GoFundMe site has been established for anyone wishing to further offer the family assistance at along with a meal train.


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