“Heroes don’t necessarily wear a suit and tie”

Ms. Lela Himmerich was the Keynote Speaker for the Class of 2022, telling the students to, “Work hard and stay the course. The best things in life take time.” More photos on page 11.

The unknown can be unnerving, so remember this. If you are challenging yourself, you will have some failures. But don’t give up. It’s not what you do with the things that happen in your life. It’s how you react to it. You alone are the most influential person in your life. There is no one who can build you up or tear you down any better.”
These words this past Sunday from the Keynote Speaker at Colman-Egan’s graduation ceremonies. Ms. Lela Himmerich offered students what she felt was some of the best advice she could give them as they walked through the halls of their small rural school one last time before heading out into a very big world.
The gymnasium in Colman was full of family and friends as the 19 young classmates, now in caps and gowns, reminisced about their time together growing up — and where the world may take them next. The ceremony was also live streamed to those unable to attend in person.
Himmerich ended her thoughts by quoting what one senior recently wrote in their Senior Journal, “Heroes don’t necessarily wear a suit and tie. I feel that most heroes wear boots and blue jeans.” Work hard, Himmerich told them. And if things don’t turn out the way they want the first time, stay the course, she added. “The best things in life take time.”


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