Help preserve local heritage

Free oral history workshop Sept. 21

from the Moody County Genealogy Society

The Moody County Genealogy Society is pleased to announce a free oral history workshop, at the Moody County Museum 7 p.m., Thursday, September 21.

We want to preserve history in the voice of those who have lived it. The most valuable contribution a person can leave for the future is their story. People have long used storytelling to transmit information and values within a culture’s heritage to the next generation. Without our preserving these stories, references to local landmarks such as Brown’s Corner, Halver’s Hill or the Red Rock Road will be lost forever.

The workshop will include instruction on the basics of interviewing, selecting people to interview, interviewing techniques and putting the recordings to good use. Participants will receive a tip sheet, handbook and do a hands-on practice session.

Oral history interviews will be transcribed and cataloged by the Genealogy Society for use at the Moody County Museum and the South Dakota Oral History Project at the University of South Dakota., which will share the information with libraries around the world.

The public is invited to attend, no pre-registration is required.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Dale Johnson at 605-997-2875, Anna Duncan at 605-997-2786 or email [email protected].

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