Get your racer ready Races return July 27

Toilet Bowl Races return July 27

Brenda Wade Schmidt

If it’s tough to find a toilet plunger locally, there might be good reason.
Contestants for the Moody County Fair’s annual toilet bowl races are thinking ahead.
The event at 7 p.m. July 27, is bound to attract those creative types who also like to laugh. Races will be held in the Flandreau High School parking lot.
In preparation for the races, here’s the rules:
•Racers need a clean toilet. Tank not required.
•This thing is powered by plungers only. No motors or pedals.
•The race vehicle has to be less than 5 feet wide, 12 feet long and 13 feet tall, and it has to have at least three wheels.
•One pilot must be on board.
•Racers have to be able to turn left and right and stop.
•In the doubles division, two toilets and two pilots must be on board.
•Racers must stay seated the entire race.
There are prizes and categories with youth 16 and younger, those 17 and older and doubles.
It’s OK to spend more on those plungers this year, too, because this race is free to enter - and free to watch!


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