Flandreau resident can’t live in camper, violates city ordinance

Roger Hasvold works on the back area of his property on Broad Avenue in an effort to clean it up to satisfy a judge’s ruling that he is in violation of a Flandreau city ordinance.

A judge has ordered Flandreau property owner Roger Hasvold to clean up his lots by Saturday or be found to be in contempt of court.
The City of Flandreau took Hasvold to court for violating a city ordinance for living in a camper, which is not allowed. The city also wants him to clean up the vehicles and trailers on his property on East Broad Avenue.
Hasvold, who works at Royal River Casino and the Brookings Walmart, said he is trying to find a place to park his camper, which he sleeps in and heats with a generator. The city is targeting him and he has nowhere to go but his own property, he said.
Eventually he wants to put a house on his land, but he doesn’t have one yet, he said while working in his yard cleaning up debris last week.
“I’m going to stay here. It’s my property. I pay the taxes,” he said. He has lived in Flandreau since he was a child, but spent about seven years in Arizona before moving back in 1984. He won’t let the city run him of town, he said.
“They’re just out for me,” he said. “I think the city of Flandreau is just pounding on me, step by step.”
Paul Lewis, the city’s lawyer said the judge found the ordinance valid. “The judge was pretty clear to him that you need to bring yourself into compliance on that property,” Lewis said of the ruling against Hasvold.
Lewis said if Hasvold isn’t in compliance, the city will be allowed to take everything off the property and dispose of it. That includes vehicles, sheds and any other items that don’t meet the requirement of the city’s rules.


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