Flandreau Meat Locker fills cases with its traditional products in new location

Nearly two years after fire destroyed the Flandreau Meat Locker in downtown, owner Tyler Kills-A-Hundred is back in business at a new location.
Kills-A-Hundred opened the retail area of his business over Memorial Day weekend, stocking his cases with bacon, sausages, burger, steaks, brats, beef sticks, summer sausage, ring bologna and his crowd-pleasing dried beef and jerky. Many products are from traditional recipes passed down from owner to owner.
“We ended up keeping the same recipes we’ve always done,” he said.
The new metal building with a copper-colored roof has triple the space and state-of-the-art equipment, including a smoker that allows Kills-A-Hundred to smoke more meat than he could before.
The move has been bittersweet, he said. “It’s been a long time,” he said. “The potential for us is now there to get bigger.”
In addition to meat products and custom butchering, he also is selling workout supplements through a company he and his brother, Jeremy, started called Kills-A-Hundred Supplements. The three products are Dakota Warrior, Dakota Creatine and War Cry.
Eventually, Kills-A-Hundred also will make seasonings and sauces and open up a sit-down barbeque area, said Irene Barlow, his fiancé who will be in charge of the front retail area. The two also will work toward a federal inspection, which will allow sales across state lines.
The locker also processes wild game and will continue to sell its holiday hams and prime rib.
“Holiday hams, they’re going to be a big deal for us. They always have been,” Kills-A-Hundred said.
Kills-A-Hundred, 31, started working at the Flandreau locker at its downtown location on Second Avenue in 2009 and bought the business in 2013. On June 29, 2017, a fire started at the locker while the business was serving a weekly barbeque lunch out front. The business was destroyed.
His new location was supported by help from the Flandreau Development Corporation and even community donations.
Slowly, Kills-A-Hundred hopes to expand from cutting and smoking meats into catering special events, which he has done on a very limited basis so far. He may wait until next year or at least until he has more time, he said.
“This place is big enough where we always have something to do,” he said.


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