Flandreau Girls Staters

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Approximately 450 high school junior girls from across our state will attend the 71st Girls State Citizenship Program on the campus of USD from May 29-June 3rd. The four young women representing FHS include Amanda Haugen and Makenzey Burggraff sponsored by The Trent Legion Auxiliary, Tessa Ryan sponsored by The Flandreau Development Corporation, and Kathryn Parsley sponsored by 1st National Bank of Flandreau.

Participants will receive intensive training in citizenship and government. Taking an active part in the week’s activities, delegates will experience the various roles in government at the city, county and state levels, including running for various government offices. It is the goal of this American Legion Auxiliary sponsored program to instill a desire in each girl to become an involved citizen at the local level and to realize that her government is just what she makes it.


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