Flandreau City looks at lower budget for 2022

The Flandreau city budget includes money for a new fire department to replace the existing hall, which has become too small. The new building, which would be built south of the Moody County Courthouse, will be partially paid for with a bond of about $1.5 million. The total cost is projected at $2.6 million.

Flandreau city’s budget for 2022 will include repairs at the aquatic center and funding of economic development, after some revisions last week.
The proposed $6.33 million overall budget was presented to city council members in a special session that included explanations of all department expenses. The budget is slightly less that the proposed revenues for the year and slightly less than last year’s budget.
The city gets 70 percent of its money from property taxes and sales taxes, which are projected to remain strong.
“The good news is financially the city of Flandreau financially is in fairly good condition,” said Mayor Dan Sutton.
Council members voted to include $20,000 in funding for the Flandreau Development Corporation, which was not part of the original budget, because the group does economic development for the city. Sutton broke a tie vote to fund FDC after aldermen Brad Bjerke, Karen Tufty and Mike Fargen voted no. Aldermen Bob Pesall, Jason Unger and Mark Ekern supported to budget inclusion.
Council members also added $10,000 to the pool’s budget to repairs slides.
Most of the city’s budget is spent on law enforcement, with 34 percent of the budget dedicated to that. The city will have one less officer next year with the elimination of the school resource officer position.
The street department is the second largest portion of the budget at 21 percent.
The city’s general fund budget is down 10.75 percent over last year at $2.01 million. That doesn’t include $2.6 million that will be paid for a new fire station, replacing the old station.
The city plans to build the station, using some bond financing and other money. The current fire station is out of room for modern equipment.
With the fire station, the budget is $4.6 million from the general fund.
Under the proposed budget, employees would get a salary increase of 3.5 percent.
The city council had the first reading of the budget Tuesday night.
In explaining the budget, city administrator Jeff Pederson said it is important to show a strong budget position as the city looks at financing the fire station.
“We think it’s a year to be very careful that we don’t add reoccurring burdens to the general fund.”
The budget also contains $20,000 for branding Flandreau, an effort to create marketing tools to help identify the city. The purpose of the community branding is to develop a theme and logo to reflect the culture and ambition of the town. Additional money also will need to come from a community match.



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