Flandreau 2023 City Wide Clean Up is Saturday

Wooden Items to be Collected

Bust out those broken, old wooden dressers or chairs, or maybe it’s some extra wood, windows or doors you replaced that you no longer need.
The City of Flandreau and the Det. 1 of 1742nd Transportation Co.will haul away any wood framed item in this year’s City of Flandreau City Wide Clean Up, Saturday, September 9.
Things that WILL NOT be picked this year are metal, appliances, concrete, paints or other hazardous chemicals/liquids. Yard waste and tree limbs and debris can be taken to the restricted landfill located south of town for a small fee for residents.
Pick up begins at 6:00 a.m. that morning. Citizens of Flandreau can begin placing their wooden items on street curbs September 6th thru September 8th. Members of the Det. 1 of 1742nd Transportation Co. will only make one canvas through town and items not on the curb before 6 a.m. (or before the truck passes by your house) will not be picked up.
There is no set starting point in town so have items out by Friday evening.
For any other questions regarding the Flandreau City Wide Clean Up please contact the Flandreau City Office at 997-2492 or see ad.

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