FDC takes tax incentive off table

Members of the Flandreau Development Corporation have rescinded an offer to Tyler-Kills-A-Hundred that would have provided tax incentives for him to rebuild his meat locker business lost last summer in a fire.
The FDC-owned property Kills-A-Hundred was given along Veterans Avenue and has started improving still is in his name, said Jason Unger, secretary for the FDC.
The issue arose for a couple of reasons.
First, the FDC found that the offer it extended to Kills-A-Hundred after his locker burned last summer wasn’t allowed because Moody County has a tax incentive on its books that conflicts with the city’s and the FDC’s, Unger said. Under law, the county’s plan would take precedence over any other plans.
Moody County commissioners were scheduled to discuss their plan at a meeting Tuesday.
“What we’re hoping is that they choose to do away with their plan,” Unger said. That would allow municipalities in the county to have their own plans.
In addition, FDC members also want to see Kills-A-Hundred make progress on developing the land they gave him.
“Their main goal with any of these development projects is to see development happen,” Unger said.
Kills-A-Hundred, who wasn’t at the FDC meeting, said earlier in the week that he is waiting on a couple of things with financing the project to rebuild the meat locker. “I’m hoping soon,” he said.
Carleen Wild Wilson, FDC president, said the group has realized it can’t offer what it was hoping to do because of the county’s tax incentives. “Essentially, we are working to get everyone on the same page.”
In addition, the FDC is also going to work more closely with two owners of Aquaponics in Flandreau. The business has land in the industrial area and hasn’t made progress on developing it either, Unger said.
The FDC has scheduled two progress report meetings with the owners to talk about their plan and financing for it.

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