FDC Annual Meeting is April 19

The Flandreau Development Corporation will host its Annual Meeting for 2023 in a more unconventional type of setting. The date has been set for April 19th, 3 p.m. at JJ’s Coffee Spot in downtown Flandreau.
Updates will be given on the projects at hand and the work being done on everything from housing to marketing and business development, conversations underway with new parties interested in investing in the community, what is happening with some longtime businesses, the avenues the volunteer board is pursuing to be a resource for the community and beyond, and what is on the horizon.
Board positions are also expiring for several board members and the longstanding organization is seeking new potential board members to fill those seats.
“What’s cool about it is that your efforts can contribute to further development for Flandreau and I’m concerned as a whole about the community,” said longtime board member Shawn Jaacks.
Anyone interested is encouraged to contact a current board member via the City Office at (605) 997-2492 or current board President Kelley Ramsdell or Vice President Mike Witte for more information.
“Without the support and generous time donations of our community boards and organizations in Flandreau, our residents would not enjoy the high quality of life that Flandreau is known for. I would encourage any interested party to reach out to one of our many community organizations to volunteer as a board member or simply get involved. Community members will continue to make key decisions on the future of our community and offer valuable perspective in the decisions about Flandreau’s future,” said Turnquist.