Egan’s bridge earns grant for repairs

The town of Egan has been given a grant for $35,899 from the state of South Dakota for repairs to its historic bridge.

The historic Egan bridge has earned a state grant of $35,899 for repairs or replacement costs.
The grant, through the federal Highway Infrastructure Program, was allocated because of the bridge’s poor condition listed in the National Bridge Inspection Program.
John Steinhauer, Egan city council chairman, said it hasn’t been decided what the community will spend the money on specifically. Egan has three years to use the grant.
“We’ll get a little fixing done on the bridge,” he said.
The picturesque truss bridge, built in 1922, needs about $1.2 million in repairs to completely fix it, he said.
Traffic can cross the bridge, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but the bridge has a weight limit.
Under the grant rules, Egan can spend the money on bridge structure replacement, rehabilitation or preservation; can match Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds; can match money from the Bridge Improvement Grant (BIG); and can match Emergency Relief (ER) program funds.
Originally, the state owned the bridge.  and then it was owned by Moody County before becoming the city of Egan’s, Steinhauer said. “It’s basically like it was when it was originally put in.”


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