Development to include 20 homes

Steve Pulscher talked with local residents who might be interested in a new twin home development near Edgewood Vista. Dan Sutton, with the Flandreau Development Corporation housing committee, and Mayor Mark Bonrud held up the plans for people to see.

With one home close to being sold, builders of a twin-home development are ready to sell more units.
Pulscher Brothers Construction spoke to interested residents last week at a session to explain the development, which may eventually be called Willow Run, said Steve Pulscher. The area north of Edgewood Vista, which has been a grassy space, will hold 20 homes, with two together to make 10 twin homes.
Each home will have two bedrooms, a master bathroom and regular bathroom that along with the rest of the house will fit into about 1,500 square feet. They will be built slab on grade, which means they won’t have basements, but they will have a small safe room that also can be used as storage, Pulscher said.
Each home will sell for about $229,000 and will have monthly homeowner’s association fees for snow removal and lawn care.
“We can do some customization on it to make it a little bit more to your needs,” he said.
Because each home is separate, it would pay its own taxes, which are estimated at about $4,000 a year, he said. The homes also have a fire wall between each unit.
The homes, which are geared toward retirement-aged people, will all be different colors but with be painted within an allowed palette. But it is not a 55-plus development, Pulscher said. “We’re not looking at excluding anybody,” he said.
The audience included Flandreau Development Corporation members, Mayor Mark Bonrud, city council members, City Administrator Jeff Pederson and others interested in hearing more about the development.
Leslie Heinemann, who lives on a farm near Flandreau, said he was interested in hearing about the project in case it is a future consideration.
“It’s an interesting concept,” he said. “I think it’s a good idea. Spafford Square has been a big success. Resale has been solid.”
Dan Sutton, with the FDC and a city council member, said based on what the local development group is hearing, the plan is a good match. “It seems like you’ve captured most of what they’ve been looking for,” he said. “It appears you’ve put together a plan that meets most of the specs we’re hearing.”
The units are zero-grade entry and fully handicapped accessible, including wide doors that would accommodate a wheelchair. “There’s no steps, period,” Pulscher said.
“The goal is to make it comfortable to whoever wants to move into these,” he said.
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