Coyotes sighted near Flandreau

Flandreau is getting some unwanted night-time visitors.
A Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe law enforcement officer has witnessed coyotes on the edge of town near Veteran’s Street and Inkpa Duta. The activity has occurred for a couple weeks.
Officer Allen Pooler, said the night officer has seen the scavengers, but Pooler, who works days and lives near that area hasn’t heard any noises yet.
“There’s usually a lot of deer over there,” he said. The deer still seem to still be in the area so the coyotes haven’t scared them off yet.
“I think they’re just staying out that way. I don’t think they’re coming into town yet,” Pooler said. “Just beware.”
Neither Pooler nor Chief Zach Weber with the Flandreau Police Department said they haven’t heard of anyone losing pets. But they warn that residents should watch out for the coyotes and take care of their garbage, so the animals aren’t attracted to it.
“There are deer everywhere in town. It’s not overly surprising to see coyotes,” Weber said.



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