Covid activity down in county

COVID-19 cases and new vaccinations have slowed to a trickle in Moody County.
State data as of the middle of last week shows that there were eight people still infected with the virus in the county and 665 people who have tested positive since March 2020. In addition, 639 people have recovered, 57 people have been hospitalized and 18 people have died.
The number of total cases is 15 more than about a month ago when there were 650 positive test results for the county.
So far, 1726 people have received two doses of the vaccine in the county, and 211 residents have received one shot. That adds up to 1,937 people who have received at least one dose.
Avera Flandreau is now giving the vaccinations to youth as young as 12 and have a walk-in clinic for the shot.
The state numbers don’t include the number of vaccinations that have been done at the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe’s clinic because their shots are provided by the federal government and not counted in state totals.
The Flandreau School District ended the school year with 51 students and 27 staff testing positive for COVID-19. The high school had the most students who had Covid, with 27 in grades 9-12 missing school after being diagnosed with the virus. In the middle school, there were 17 students, while the elementary had seven.
Among staff members, 13 positive cases were in the high school, one in the middle school and 13 in the high school.
The numbers are based on data from when school started in August through the end of classes in May.



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